I have many enquires regarding the cost to reupholster and repair furniture so I have compiled a list of popular items, their average labour cost and fabric requirements. As you can see it's a work in progress and the prices stated are just a guideline.

"It is a misconception that it is cheaper to have an item reupholstered than buying new, certainly in regards to modern furniture. But at the same time most modern furniture is not built to last. I believe that if you have an older, traditional piece of furniture, perhaps a family heirloom or something of sentimental importance, then it deserves to be restored to the highest possible standard and in a way that compliments the original style. Believe me, I have seen some terrible refurbishment of items"

Antony Brain, Anthill Upholstery

What is...

Traditional upholstery    >>     Traditional techniques and materials. For example, horsehair, hessian, 
                                                        coil springs, cotton felt, studs, nails, etc.

Modern upholstery          >>     Modern techniques and materials. For example, foam, dacron, skin                                                                                                        wadding, staples, etc.

Average labour costs

Item                                                        Fabric required                    Traditional                    Modern

Drop-in seat / seat pad                        ½ metre                                   £45                                  £35

Deep-buttoned chesterfield                15-20 metres                         £3000+                            £2000+

Wing chair                                               6-8 metres                             £300+                              £250+

Dining chair                                            ½ to 2 metres                         

Arm chair                                                TBD

Stool                                                        TBD

Three seat sofa & two chairs              TBD

More to follow.


Decorative nail trim                             £15 per metre

Individual nailing                                  £25 per metre

Leather surcharge                                12% of final labour charge

Frame renovation                                Varies depending on requirements

Collect / return service                        Varies depending on location

Other factors may cause the labour price to increase, for example:
*Plaid or floral material which require extra time to pattern match, or working with a
second fabric' which requires extra time to work around defects.

Replacement of worn or unusable internal components and frame amendments, will
incur an additional cost.

Fabric required is approximate and based on average roll width of 54”

*Please allow extra fabric for pattern repeats and material defects.